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Singer Island Half Marathon

As the founder of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, Bill Redfern has already demonstrated his ability to build a successful business from the ground up. Believing that the key to success is living a balanced life, the former real estate broker turned entrepreneur sought a different kind of challenge: Competing in a rigorous half-marathon race. After a long and arduous training period, William Redfern not only achieved his goal, but also completed the race with an impressive time of one hour and 55 minutes (1:55) at the recently held Singer Island Half Marathon.

The half marathon, which took place in April 2013, featured Redfern and hundreds of other early morning risers anxious to either complete their first half marathon or beat their previous record. Bill Redfern finished among the leaders in his age group, and well into the top 25 percent overall.

Singer Island, located due north of West Palm Beach, rewarded runners with a scenic stretch of the island and views of the Port of Palm Beach and Peanut Island. The finishing line was located in the City of Riviera Beach. There, tired runners basked in the warmth of the beachfront as they celebrated their accomplishment. William Redfern was instantly attracted to the half marathon, knowing it would give him a chance to fully appreciate the state A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections calls home.

William Redfern, who at the age of 46 is in top physical condition, underwent a grueling training regimen in preparation for the race. Beginner training schedules typically entail running a minimum of three miles a day, five times a week, just to start. During the weeks leading up to the half marathon, participants must start running longer and longer distances, culminating in a full practice run. After approximately 16 to 20 weeks of hard training, the athletes are considered ready to meet the physical and mental demands of running a 13.1 mile race.

In addition, people training for a half marathon are advised to eat right, consume plenty of water and get enough sleep. Rather than let the stress of managing a rapidly expanding company affect his training, he was able to remain focused and committed to both his business and race.

Bill Redfern’s journey as the owner of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections began six short years ago. Since then he has grown the home-inspection franchise into an international phenomenon, one that has changed many lives through its home-based business opportunity. By running the half marathon, Redfern wanted to prove to his hard-working franchise operators that anyone could achieve a successful work-life balance.

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